Early Uldis Brauns films have been gathered and released in a compilation DVD „Comeback”

The DVD „Comeback” is a compilation of five films by the noted Latvian cinematographer and documentary film director Uldis Brauns. The country boy from veterinary college happened to become an innovative documentary fim director, a well known master of his art, and one of the founders of the internationally reknowned „Riga Poetic Documentary School”.
For some viewers this DVD might be a distinctive travel into past, for others – an evidence to the stories about the days that are long gone.

The short fiction „White Bell” is a portrait of city Riga in the 1960’s. The trilogy of documentary film classic „Beginning”, „Construction” and „Worker” shows the poetic beauty of labour and human power on different construction sites. The unconventionally edited and commented film „Summer” concludes this compilation of the Latvian documentary film gems by showing one summer events in the township of Kuldiga.

As an extra feature, the DVD includes a commented interview of Uldis Brauns, where he talks with Ivars Seleckis over his films and the time.

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