The film studio was established in September 2000. Its creative nucleus consists of film director Askolds Saulitis and cameraman Uldis Jancis who both have been working in the cinematographic area for ten years.

Since 1990 the manager of the studio Askolds Saulitis has taken part with his films at more than twenty international film festivals in Stockholm, Tampere, Oberhausen, Montecatini etc.

In 2000 Askolds Saulitis won a title of the best documentary director at the Latvian National Film Festival “Lielais Kristaps”. Cameraman Uldis Jancis was also granted a prize of the best feature film cameraman at the same festival.

Currently the studio works on a documentary project at the production stage. Preparatory work on the projects of three documentaries and two feature films has also begun.

Kurzemes prospekts 2-6, LV 1067, Riga, Latvia
Mobile: +371 9299564
Contact person: Askolds Saulitis
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