Documentary, 2002, Betacam SP, colour, 5’


Eriks Silins

Eriks Silins
Jevgenijs Ivanovs
Olga Ivanova

Juris Ozols
Ilona Lazdane
Dmitrijs Rancevs
Harijs Vucans
Eriks Silins
Jelena Laizane

Production Company
Razor Phatt Studio

galerija "Noass"

Your own body - is it a border or a tunnel to the unknown? The aesthetics of the home-video has been used as the basis for an ironic meta-narrative in the result of which the abstract travel into your own self is taking a metaphysical character. Inside there goes on hectic, saturated, sometimes passionless, sometimes cruel life. It is not easy to get used to it. It is not really possible to understand it. There is no direct way out of it.

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