Aleksandrs Hans

Aleksandrs Petuhovs

Ivars Vigners

Visvaldis Zarakovskis

Aleksandrs Hans

Production Company

Jevgenija Krjukova
Dzintars Belogrudovs
Igors Klass
Voldemars Karpacs

The Last Soviet Movie
Feature, 2003, 35 mm, Betacam SP, colour, STEREO, 81’
John F. Romanoff, a writer from Brooklyn, reveals the truth about his ancestors, who were major participants of the Russian Revolution. It is an outrageous, witty and epic tale set in Russia, with train rides on the Trans Siberian railway, fights with wild beasts, encounters with ballerinas, nudity and Leninism. It is entertaining and challenging at the same time, continuously questioning the reality of what is happening on the screen as well as beyond it.
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