Soul of the House
Feature, 2001, DV, stereo, 52’
Janis Vingris

Edmunds Fridvalds
Kamera Camera
Girts Krümins
Janis Vingris
Armins Ozolins
Janis Vingris

Production Company
Eho Filma
Girts Krümins
Kristîne Nevarauska
Kaspars Zvigulis
Premiere 25.10.01.
If only these walls could speak... The film, which is both a documentary and a criminological testimony, is an illustration of this saying. An anonymous criminal captures a young woman and keeps her in an abandoned house for several days. He does not torture her; he... films her. Step by step, the viewers of the pseudo—documentary penetrate into the miserable and small world of the film amateur; they learn to understand the „soul” of this mysterious empty house, which is the role the poor film amateur plays for himself and the others. Disgust turns into curiosity — how will this psychological execution end?

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