S 16 mm,colour,30 min.
Production Company
Kaupo Filma
Script Kaspars Odins
Viesturs Kairißs
Cinematography Janis Eglitis
Music Arturs Maskats
Normunds Klavins
Anrijs Krenbergs
Design Ieva Jurjane
Editing Juta Brante
Production Company
Supported by NFC
Pagan beliefs as well as traditions of the Catholic church establish strange and vital world outlook of young people - the protagonists of the film. The plot of the film is developed in a small seaside fishermen’s village. Juris, the protagonist, is playing the guitar at the wedding of Lelde, his beloved. The girl is marrying Modris - a stranger from town.
During the wedding ceremonies passions of the love triangle are growing, they transform from reality into dreams and back into reality.
Though they cannot resist the pace of life reflected both in the religious and pagan wedding traditions. The historical Latvian wedding ritual performed by always spirited and colorfully dressed folk-song singers concludes the film.
In Latvian National Film Festival "Lielais Kristaps 2000" (Big Kristaps)22. – 28.05.2000. film was nominated for best sound, camera, director, actor, picture and was awarded for the best actor (Andris Keiss) and the best picture.
Main prizes for the best actor (Andris Keiss) and the best feature film
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