Director- Janis Putnins
Director of Photography- Janis Eglitis
Set designer- Karlis Freibergs
Vigo Roga, Elita Klavina, Olegerts Kroders, Elza Radzina, Ivars Kalnins, Girts Krumins.

e-mail: latfilma@erseta.lv

A young woman has been murdered.
The prime suspect is her husband. Since there is no direct evidence pointing at him as the definite perpetrator of this crime, several questions come to the foreground. Is he a brutal criminal with a mysterious double-life, or a victim of other people’s mad obsessions?
Is there some hidden order behind the mysterious transformations of the main protagonist?
Through vaguely defined spacial and temporal boundaries, the narrative generates scope that by far transcends the generic conventions of a conventional crime story. It uses spacial and temporal permutations to keep the action invariably intriguing, as well as enables to touch upon the secret mechanisms of human consciousness by entering the realm of subtle psychological explorations.
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