Fiction, Drama, 1978
Janis Streics
A screen version of Somerset Maugham's novel. The central character is an actress Julie Lambert, and the plot of the film centres around her "theatre", literally and figuratively - her life in a period between her youth and the approaching old age.
We can watch her making her way up on the stage, becoming the best actress, her relations with people - theatre director, husband, son, friends and a young lover Tom. The character created by the outstanding Latvian actress Vija Artmane - unforseen and ellusive -is full of significance. Her Julie can be fragile, etheral, nice and heavenly naive, but very often she is also a heavy, ageing, mean and selfish woman. The film could be called "All about Julie". About an actress. About a woman. About a person. And consquently about all of us.
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