Fiction, Criminaldrama, 1976
Aloizs Brencs
Based on a story by Andris Kolbergs (scripted by himself).
It is a story of a man, a thief who has been in jail and now is released. On a way home Voldemars Viters gets acquainted with a taxi driver Irena - a beautiful, proud, but lonely and disappointed woman. Although their perception of life and knowledge of life differs greately, they feel drawn to each other. In Irena he feels some promises for love and family warmth. Now Voldemars has a possibility to break with his criminal past. Everything depends on him. He can start a new life or to proceed with the old one. However, he is too weak, he wants but cannot change his style of life. Voldemar's decision to commit a crime is the climax of the film and the beginning of his own end.
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