Fiction, Drama, 1971
Director: Gunars Piesis

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One of the most outstanding Latvian films based on a short story by Rudolfs Blaumanis. This is a dramatic story about a group of fishermen, who have been blown away into the sea on a piece of broken ice. As the days are pasing by, the hope to be saved decreases. Sometimes in their dreams they float to the shore and this emphasizes the tragedy of the situation even more. The fate has brought different people together on a piece of ice - there are men in their prime of life, old men with a grey hair, and even a young boy. On the very verge of life and death the real selves of the men are revealed - their strength of character and their weaknesses, their noble emotions of self-sacrifice and self-defeating feelings of avarice and greed. The climax of the dramatic action is reached when the floating ice at last is approached by a boat, which can not take abord all the fishermen, and lots are drawn.
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