Fiction, Adventure /Drama, 1967
Director: Aloizs Brencs
e-mail: latfilma@erseta.lv
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Based on a documentary novel by Latvian writer Arvids Grigulis. It is considered to be one of the most successful works in adventure genre in 60ies, as it has a dynamic composition, and at the same time it is a psychological drama, as it is characterised by dramatic twists and turns of the plot. The main story centers around Leinasars, an agent of foreign inteligence service, who has come to Latvia to establish contacts with the local gang. The leader of a gang Karnitis is a dangerous man - he is clever, certain and endowed with a strong will. Leinasars has to struggle with various unforseen circumstances, that arise in his way. His attempts to contact the gang fail. The situation seems hopeless. At the same time he has met a young and nice girl Velta. All this makes his conscience wake up.
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