Fiction, Drama/ War/ Romance, 1966
Rostislavs Gorjajevs
A film, based on a story by a Latvian writer, a participant of the Civil War in Spain, Zanis Griva (script - Antons Stankevics), is harsh and at the same time lyrical. It tells the story of the love between a Latvian Zors and a French girl Iveta, who both were fighters of Interbrigades during the Civil War in Spain. This war was inseparable part of their life and love, their deliberate choice. The end of the Spanish Civil War is full of tragic events. When crossing the border of France, the fighters have to hand over their guns. Zors gets into a refugee camp. When he gets out, he is looking for Iveta, and finds her. But the German troops occupy France, and they both continue fighting, now in the French Resistance movement. The film reaches its climax at the end with the tragic death of Iveta. "Nocturne" is in fact a film of two actors - a Pole Pola Raksa and a Latvian Gunars Cilinskis.
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