Fiction, Drama, 1966
Director: Rolands Kalnins
e-mail: latfilma@erseta.lv
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A film with dramatic fate: it was banned several times, cut and reedited, its title was changed three times and still it belongs to the most significant artistic evidences about history of Latvian nation. Screenwriter's Viktors Lorencs and his generation's deeply personal fate in the film is depicted through the life story of three friends, and at the same time it is a story of almost each Latvian family. Film interchanging shows different periods in heroes lives (pre-war, war, and 60ies). The Second World War in Latvia meant also fight on both sides of a front, war - brother against brother and friend against friend. Which way they choose after the war, with whom the woman they both loved stay, is it possible to return and how, if the states are divided by an iron curtain - the film tries to give the answers to all those questions. In the middle of 60ies, in the Riga appartment of Janis and Antra suddenly Richards arrives who was considered missing during the war. Their conversation full of memories of the tragic past and life becomes more and more painful and develops into a sharp duel.
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