Fiction, Romance/Drama, 1959
Leonids Leimanis
The film (script made by director L. Leimanis in cooperation with a young writer Zigmunds Skujins) is a highly romantic love story of a young construction worker. Action takes place in Riga in the late 50ies. A young builder Jurgis falls in love with a beautiful girl Daiga, who plays piano. Her father, once a rich man Greve, causes different obstacles to their feelings. Old misanthrope and maniac, hating all those inevitable changes, wants to take the revenge on the new time, that in his vision is symbolised by Jurgis. He is ready to destroy everything. As he has collaborated with German nacis during the WW II, they have left bombs in his cellar. Now he is going to blow everything up. Jurgis is ready to fight for his love. But Daiga suffers in a fire caused by her father.
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