Fiction, War/Drama, 1957
Pavels Armands
The film deals with the events from 1915 to 1919. This was a period, when extraordinary events vere taking place in the history of mankind. The film is a story about Janka Pipars, a young working class man, who becomes a Latvian rifleman - deliberate fighter against the social injustice - it is a story about his life, love affairs and fights... Together with the other riflemen he particitates in very difficult battles. The army suffers heavy casualties. Those, who have stayed alive begin analysing the situation. Janka Pipars - a uniquely individual character - is the very embodiment of optimism and unbound energy. At the end of the story, when riflemen are leaving for the front, he is the one, who cheers everybody up, fortelling soon return. And his convincing optimism makes the end of the film bright.
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