JURIS PODNIEKS STUDIO carries the name of the outstanding Latvian film maker
Juris Podnieks.

As the Soviet Empire crumbled, he with his filming crew was there as a witness for the world, brave, unblinking and compassionate. With the films he made, whether on problems of young people in “Is It Easy To Be Young?”, or showing an inspiring record of the outpouring of feelings at the Song Festival of the Baltic countries in “Homeland”, or predicting the end of the Soviet Empire, he earned a reputation as an honest and uncompromising film maker. This is what the Studio now keeps high as the main value in its further work.. "Hello, Do You Hear Us?" a five part documentary received the British Royal TV Award, "Red Hot", the first film in the series was awarded the coveted PRIX ITALIA.
Tragically, Juris Podnieks died in 1992 in a diving accident.

JPS produces documentaries on various subjects – modern and historical, revealing the events which have changed peoples’ lives, from the change of the system in Latvia, collapse of the banks, complicated World War II situations to showing just interesting people. “Rebellious Generation”(or “10 Years after “Is It Easy To Be Young?”) is the continuation to once so popular documentary. It received wide international recognition and was broadcast on many TV stations in the West as well as in Russia.

Juris Podnieks Studio is working now on its first feature film project “Celebration of Life” which is based on the novel of a young and widely translated Latvian author.

Juris Podnieks Studio works as an independent production company,
offering a wide range of facilities for film making
research (also in Russia)
filming (film and video)
editing (off-line, on-line)
sound recording, mixing, etc

Studio has its own premises in the center of Riga. JPS is already known internationally as we have worked with many foreign crews and companies.
We have worked for:
Channel 4 (UK)
Carlton TV (UK)
NHK (Japan)
Russian Television and others.
JPS works in the field of commercials as well - producing, filming and adapting them for local broadcasting.

If you happen to work in this part of the world, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Citadeles iela 2, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia
Tel.: +371 7216967
e-mail: jps@parks.lv
Contact person -
Antra Cilinska
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