LGC - Latvian Guild of Cinematographers
Latvijas Kinooperatoru Ģilde


Latvian Guild of Cinematographers is a member of IMAGO (European Federation of Cinematographers) since 2004.

President: Gints Bērzins
Email: gints@arkogints.lv
tel./fax.: + 371 67914344
mob.: 371 29235179

Vice President: Andrejs Verhoustinskis
Email: andrejsv@hotmail.com
mob.: + 371 29133888

Elizabetes str. 49
Riga, LV-1010
Phone/fax: + 371 67805086
Mob.: + 371 29235179
Latvian Guild of Cinematographers (LGC) is a union for Latvian cinematographers and TV cameramen. It was founded in 1993 and has 40 members, a good deal of them being active cinematographers. LGC is formed by the same model as similar unions throughout Europe. LGC shall protect and serve the Latvian cinematographers interests and needs, both socially and professionally. We wish to participate in the professional and the technical development within Latvian film production, especially in connection with the creative and artistic use of the technical equipment. We therefore feel it`s important to have a good dialog between ourselves as well as with directors and producers on how to use new techniques in our daily work to make better films and TV broadcasts. Actual concerns of LGC are professional contracts and agreements between the DOP and production companies and copyright for the DOP. Since 2004 LGC has been a member of Imago – European Federation of Cinematographers.

Board members:
Uldis Millers
Email: uldism@jps.lv
mob.: + 371 29247677
Kaspars Brakis
mob.: + 371 29466250
Ivars Zviedris
Email: ivars_z@one.lv
tel.: + 371 67370087
fax.: + 371 67370087
mob.: + 371 29411202
Martins Jurjans
Email: jurates@apollo.lv
mob.: + 371 26547555

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