Your Eyes In A Stranger’s Face – director Arvids Krievs
This will be a film about people’s destiny in war, about love born during wartime and shadowed by death…
Leaving by the Way – director Viesturs Kairiss
Dauka’s (8 years) father, a seagoing sailor has left from the sea and has not returned. Dauka is longing to meet his father. The boy’s journey in his uncle’s car turns into a trip full of wonder and adventures. Reality changes with the boy’s dreams, melting into a strange but united world where happy and sad events as well as alive and dead forever people all have their place. Meanwhile missing of the father changes the routine of life at Dauka’s farm forever. Passion of love and revenge change the fates of the heroes of the film. Dauka lives through dramatic events to meet finally with his beloved ones.
35 mm, 90 min.
Hide-and-seek - director Janis Putnins, starring Vigo Roga
A young woman has been murdered. The prime suspect is her husband. Since there is no direct evidence pointing to him as the definite perpetrator of this crime, several questions come to the foreground. Is he a brutal criminal with a mysterious double life, or a victim of other people’s mad obsessions?
35 mm, 75 min.
Wedding - director Viesturs Kairiss, short feature (Released – May 2000)
Showing the wedding ceremony of young couple and made in documentary style the film focuses on confrontation between modern life and old traditions in unique ethnic district of Latvia - Alsunga.
35 mm, 30 min.
Follow Me - director Una Celma, a co-production with Bjerking Produktion, Sweden,
starring Samuel Froeler & Baiba Broka, (Released – August 1999, Sweden, January 2000, Latvia)
Melodramatic story about people from different cultures and societies trying to find happiness through imagined escapes from their apparently boring or hopeless lives. The film centers on two couples, one brought together by destiny, the other by comic chance.
35 mm, 85 min.
Investigation of Related Events - director Janis Putnins, starring Armands Reinfelds, 1993
A young man becomes involved in the investigation of his friend's death. He founds out that he can no longer avoid of confronting the surrounding world where manipulation with beliefs, events, dreams, myths and symbols serves as an instrument of his subversion.
35 mm, 60 min.
Chloe – director Viesturs Kairiss