Riga School of Poetic Documentary Cinema
The Riga School of Poetic Documentary Cinema came into being back in early 1960's when Uldis Brauns started working at the Riga Film Studio. One of the School's key principles was to follow the forgotten attitude of Dziga Vertov to the documentary film as a material for art, This School pays special attention to the visual language of the film, thus creating a peculiar - poetic - manner of the documentary Herz Frank and Uldis Brauns worked together while creating the films "The White Bells" (1961) and
"235 000 000" (1967). Herz Frank was the scriptwriter for both films, Acting as a director, Herz Frank chose another path of action that was more philosophical than poetic, highlighting the drama in the relationship between a human being and the surrounding world, The artistic phenomenon of the Riga School of poetic cinema has significantly influenced the development of the Latvian cinema and strengthened the position of Latvian documentary films in the context of world cinema.

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