List of produced films:
2018 History Behind the Screen Vçsture aiz kadra
Documentary, Scriptwriters Romualds Pipars
Sanita Grîna
, Director Romualds Pipars, Cinematographers Romualds Pipars
Kristians Luhaers
Jânis Pipars
, Music Mârtiňš Brauns, Sound Director Aivars Riekstiňš, Producers Baiba Urbâne, Romualds Pipars
97’, Latvia, 2017The unpublished history of national awakening and the restoration of the Republic of Latvia – Latvian documentarians tell stories of shooting legendary footage, of what they saw and experienced during the course of historic events but did not capture on film due to various reasons. This is a story of what was felt and experienced at a time when Latvia was exceptionally united.
2010 The Secrets of the Pyramid of Djoser
Release day:  3 May 2010
Documentary, HD, 16:9, colour, stereo, 93’'
Director Romualds Pipars
Latvian scientists – archaeologists, radar and photogrammetry specialists, architects, geologists, historians, computer programmers and others, banded together to create a unique technology for exploring archaeological sites, and made a sensational find in 2007. In the oldest stone building in the world – Egypt’s Pyramid of Djoser – the Latvian scientific expedition discovered new underground rooms and a network of galleries. This new information has forced a revaluation of previous assumptions about the role and function of pyramids.
2008 Double Portrait of a Coin
Documentary, Length: 100', Format: Digital Beta
director Romualds Pipars
Using previously unpublished footage shot by amateurs in the era of 8mm cameras, the film reveals unseen thesaurus of cultural history. For the first time – Latvian film folklore on screen! Film is about the simple human life – love, hopes and dreams – of our parents, the generation that lived in the Soviet Latvia when a double-moral reigned in society.
2005 Treading the Pharaoh's Dust
Documentary, DV-Cam, 34’
Romualds Pipars
For the first time in the history of the world’s culture heritage preservation a Latvian scientific expedition is exploring thousands-year-old Karnaka temple in Egypt by using the most up-to-date technique: the three-dimension laser scanning.
2004 We Are
Documentary, DV-Cam, 17’
Romualds Pipars
The film's protagonist Janis Voitkans, a scientist of Riga Technical University, the Faculty of Power Engineering works in the field of diminution of losses in energy providing. His research and inventions could contribute to solving many problems of saving and expedient using of power resources not only in Latvia but also in the rest of the world.
2003 For All My Life
Documentary, Betacam SP, 39’
Romualds Pipars
The film is about the life of a Roman
Gypsy community of a small Latvian town of Sabile. They differ from other
inhabitants of the town, but they live their own life. In the course of the
film it turns out that this life owes to the mayor of Sabile Martins Berzins, who in 1941 saved about 200 Gypsies.
English subtitles.
The ARD media prize CIVIS for integration and cultural diversity in Europe was presented on September 28, 2005 at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The European ROMA Television Jury has nominated documentary For All My Life and awarded it the European ROMA Television Prize 2005.
2003 Viktorja's Children
Documentary, Betacam SP, DV-Cam, 20’
Liga Pipare
Every day the protagonist of the
film Viktorija has to live through not only her own life but also the lives
of many others. She herself hasn't noticed that she became the confidant of
the children living in the streets of Maskavas suburb of Riga. English subtitles.
2003 - BEST DOCUMENTARY at the National Filmmaker’s Award "Lielais Kristaps" (Latvia)
2001 Liberty Live
Documentary, 35mm, Betacam SP, 50’
Romualds Pipars
A portriat of Aija Kuge, a charming and
intelligent Latvian lady who has been living in Belgrade for more that 25
years being a special correspondent of the radio station "Liberty".
English subtitles.

2001 - BEST DOP at the National Filmmaker’s Award "Lielais Kristaps" (Latvia)
Nordiche Filmtage Lubeck 2001
14th Open Documentary Film Festival "Russia" 2001
37th International Festival of Documentary Films and Multimedia Programmes 2002 Olomouc
Tiburon International Film Festival 2003
2001 The Road to Sydney
Documentary, 35mm, 30’
Talivaldis Margevics
The Olympic medals in Sydney-heel- and- toe walker Aigars Fadejevs, gymnast Igors Vihrovs, judist Vsevolods Zeljonijs and also to weight- lifter Viktors Scerbatihs. However, the film also lets us into that that precedes it: long training, pains, disappointment and hopes.
2001 The Unbroken Spirit
Documentary, DV-Cam, 27’
Natalija Kagaine
The film is about the people towards whom the Fate has been merciless. Usually they are called invalids. However, these people who are as if unable to lead a life full of valid have found the power to struggle and to become useful in society.
1999 Stark. The Sacret Bird
Documentary, DV-Cam, 12’
Romualds Pipars
The stork is called a sacred bird in Latvia. the scientists call it a bird of prey, and say that it has settled in the territory of Latvia only during the past two hundred years. Every year about 10,000 storks come to nest in Latvia from warmer climates.
1999 Eastern Border of Land
Documentary, DV-Cam, 15’
Romualds Pipars
The village of Pasiena with the collapsing architectural monument, the Pasiena Church, is situated in the most remote eastern corner of Latvia where the small river of Zilupe separates Latvia from Russia and Belarus. The church tower is the first in Latvia to greet the morning sunrise.
1998 Gavriila
Documentary, DV-Cam, 30’
Romualds Pipars
The story is about a simple but at the same
time unique person Gavriila Kovaljov who lives in a small village in the
Eastern Latvia. The man himself is a "historical document": a peasant, old
believer, constructor, photographer and.. dreamer.
English subtitles.
1994 Don’t Forget Carl
Documentary, DV-Cam, 40’
Talivaldis Margevics
Romualds Pipars
Film about first government election in independence restored Latvian Republic in 1993
1976 Window
Documentary, 16mm, 50’
Romualds Pipars
Full length documentary film about Latvian Ballet and portrait of prime Zita Errs
1974 Talk to Me, Mountains!
Documentary, 16mm, 10’
Romualds Pipars
Egils Dinvietis
The first grade diploma at Cologne film festival
feature film:

Satanic story
Betacam SP, 86’
Talivaldis Margevics
Psychological drama with trends of a thriller. Story about a tragic love romance that is deeply influenced by the difficult social situation in the independent Latvia.
First film in the television series "Puka ola" ("Dragon’s Egg")
1995 - BEST ACTRESS at the International Festival of Film Actors "The International Films Actors’ Festival "Baltic Pearl" (Latvia, RIGA)
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