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Producing - Films on 35mm & Video

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Access to the unique film 35mm & video-archive
of major events and sights in Latvia since 1952

Since 1991 due to changes in management and legal status of the company, the strategy of the film studio has been altered. The studio has purchased professional 35 mm shooting and editing equipment that ensures almost complete production cycle. The studio mainly produces documentaries and popular science films. Special attention is paid to establishing co-productions with overseas and local television companies.

Starting from its foundation on August 21, 1991 film studio GILDE has been dealing with audio-visual production, specialising mainly in creative documentary films.
Most of the creative production of the studio deals with historical topics and portraying of the time. Thus historical documents' research can be put forward as a leitmotif practically of all activities of the studio.
The activities can be grouped in the following way.
1. Making documentary films. The predominant occupation of the studio is making documentaries for the most part carrying out its own creative projects. In particular cases the studio undertakes making educational and industrial short films ordered by various institutions or organisations. The studio is directly involved in all stages of making documentaries:
o project development;
o production stage;
o post-production activities;
o distribution of films (in case of own creative documentaries).
2. Photography. The studio deals with different kinds of photo activities such as photographing, digital processing the photos, restoration of old archive photos. These activities are carried out in the frame of both own studio's projects and rendering services.
3. Creating the website. Since 1997 the studio has been working on creating, enlargement and improving the website, which is the biggest webpage which reflects the filmmaking of Latvia both contemporary and its history.
4. Rendering various audio-visual services. The studio takes individual orders for video recordings and photo services.
The studio is organised according to the following pattern. The owner and managing director employs the studio's technical and managerial staff full-time for carrying out the routine jobs and services. Meanwhile for each particular project a creative team is engaged. It gives the possibility to enlist the services of various film professionals and to recruit a crew corresponding to a particular project.

STUDIO is located in the historic building of Maza Gilde Small Guild in the very heart of Riga, in Old Riga.

The present artistic heart of the studio, director and producer
Romualds Pipars,
Baiba Urbane, Kristians Luhaers
GILDE Film Studio
Amatu 5, LV 1941, Riga, Latvia
Contact person: Baiba Urbane
Mob.: +371 29508442

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