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My Husband Andrei Sakharov
Dir.: I. Kolmane, 2006, Co-production Latvia - France, 52 min, Digital Betacam

Andrei Sakharov - father of Soviet hydrogen bomb and Nobel Peace Prize winner. An elite scientist, that denounced his privileges to fight for human rights. His wife Yelen Bonner tells her side of the story highlighting their exhile in Gorky (present Nizhniy Novgorod).
Vijaya *- victorious (in Sanskrit)
Dir.: I. Kolmane, 2005, 74 min., Betacam SP

This is a story about a woman, who seemingly has always been victorious against all the difficulties; but, when you look closer, there is sadness lingering in her heart and tears in her eyes. Vija Vetra is internationally recognized Latvian dancer and choreographer...
Hello, Russia
Dir.: Ilze Vidauska, 2003, 17', Betacam SP

The film „Hello Russia" is full of themes that signify every country – the people one have met, work, church, culturally historical heritage... That would be nothing special, only if... the opinions expressed would not be so conflicting and the enviroment – so contrasting... That is Russia, which, in search of soul balance keeps on warming at its neverending fire and wants to take only the useful from the West...
Going Into Darkness
Dir.: I. Kolmane, 2003, 56', Betacam SP

Our heroes are from Latvia, but any country acquainted with drug addiction problem would recognize its youth in them. We do not condemn them, we listen. Their stories are laconic and clear. Illusory world and reality. A fleeting pleasure, price of which – life itself…
A World Apart
Dir.: I. Kolmane, 2002, English version 44’, Betacam SP
A story on the interaction of two cultures – the Latvian and American ones. Phenomenon of exile experienced by the Latvian intellectuals – writers and poets - after the World War II and their effort to combine the trends of global culture with their ethnic identity.
Poco a Poco… (Little by Little...)
Dir.: I. Kolmane, 2001, 26 min, 35 mm,
A young musician, at the very beginning of his professional career. As many creative-minded young people in Latvia, he faces a dilemma: to devote his life to art or to change his profession and live a financially more guaranteed life. To be a harp player or a professional guard-for-hire?
The Latvian Legion
Dir.: I. Kolmane, 2000, 40 min, Betacam SP
The film is a neutral view on the historically still controversial phenomenon of the Latvian legion within the German army during the World War II.
Writer in Close-Up
Dir.: I. Kolmane,1999 - 2004, 16x90min. episodes, Betacam SP
Documentary on personalities having greatly contributed to the Latvian culture.
The Youth of Latvia Between East and West
Dir.: I. Kolmane, 1998, 28 min, for NDR/Arte
The Latvian youngsters’ opinion on the future of their country and the European Community.
Latvia: the Long Way to Freedom
Dir.: I. Kolmane, 1998, 28 min, Betacam SP, for NDR/Arte
Review on the history of Latvia from the Middle Ages to the present day.
Developing Business Strategy
Dir.: I. Kolmane, 1996, 20 min, Betacam SP, for EU/PHARE Alimenta SpA
Educational film for the business people in Latvia.
People Beside Us
Dir.: P. Krilovs, 1995, 26 min, Betacam SP
The documentary on everyday life of the blind in Latvia.
Dir.: I. Kolmane, 1994, 10 min, Betacam SP
Film – parable. The controversial search for the meaning of human existence in the documentary and poetic story on the reality and doom of the life birds are living.
The Sky is Never-Ending
Dir.: C. Biorsmark, 1993, 15 min, Betacam SP
The first Hot-Air Balloon Festival in Latvia.
The Dome
Dir.: L. Pakalnina, 1991, 19 min, Betacam SP
Report on the Barricades in Riga, January, 1991.

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