Documentary, 2005, Betacam SP, colour, stereo, 60/52'
"Philosopher Escaped" presents Alexander Piatigorsky, expert on Buddhist and Indian thought, a paradoxical thinker and legendary figure in the Russian intellectual circles since the late sixties, an accomplished writer who "collects interesting people" and "does not care to prepare for death".
The film follows him to various cities: London, his hometown since his emigration in 1974; Moscow, the city of his birth; Vienna, Riga, Paris, and Berlin, where he visits to give lectures and talk to friends, as well as to the Buddhist monasteries in the Himalayas, the place of his dreams and source of his research.
While the setting changes, the conversation continues unperturbed: friendly, exuberant, funny, dead serious, it invites the viewer to join in the quest for the philosopher, trying to find out how such a being can exist and what it is made of.
Uldis Tirons
Roberts Vinovskis
Production Company
Locomotive Productions
May 2005
Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia
Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia
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