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Documentary portrait, 2003, Betacam SP 49
The Actor's Solo
Yasha is a familiar variant of Yakov. And Yakov
is a Russian variant for Jacob

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There lives a man in Latvia whose life story is a striking example to how a non-Latvian speaking person who came to this country in 1991 managed to integrate into the Latvian society so far that he became a very prominent person in it, but at the same time he did not lose his identity.
The central character of the films narrative can be considered a star in Latvia today. Yakov Rafalson, a Jew by origin, works in Riga Russian Drama Theatre. Thus the actor deals mainly with Russian speaking audience. In 2001 he got for the second time in his career in Latvia Spelmanu nakts award in nomination the best actor of the year.
In a sense Yakov Rafalson became a uniting element of two different parts of the society: Latvian speaking and non-Latvian speaking. His example used in a right way can bear good fruits
Our aim is to show that the process of integration in Latvia is necessary and possible by using a concrete example of a well-know non-Latvian speaking person integrating into the society of Latvia.

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