Colour documentary film, 45, 35 mm, 2002
Dolby Surround

She is beautiful. Thatís what we think, thatís what others say. A young womanís charm can fill a photograph; it can make a few film frames worthwhile... But for a forty-five-minute film portrayal, usually more gratifying is a story of an individual who can look back on the best deeds of their life ... What can we do if the subject of our film is so young that she has not yet made fatal errors that would be irrevocable? ... The most brilliant manifestations of her talent are still ahead, too...
Then, we are left with the least grateful task Ė to try to capture the making of this stage diva. What has been given to her by God and the family, and what has been attained in torment of her own soul and passion for work?
We tried to be present with a camera at those moments of the singerís life, when, bit by bit, she was picking up psychological and professional maturity, and, from her motherís beloved Eluks, turning into the well-known Elina Garanca.
In the film, we could not say things that our subject does not yet know about herself.
All we have is our premonitions of Elina Garancaís future, when things we have filmed today will acquire a new meaning.
Talivaldis Margevics

Director of Photography
Sound Director
Maija Selecka
Executive Producer
Leonids Berzins
Production Company

European Documentary Film Symposiums
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LV 1006, Riga, Latvia
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