Riga. 10 Years After...
Documentary, 2001, Beta SP, stereo, 58’

Arta Biseniece

Janis Eglitis
Normunds Klavins
Francis Vesans
Gerard Pont for Morgane Productions
Premiere 11.10.01.

e-mail: latfilma@erseta.lv

The city lives in the rhythm of youth. Four young people have been growing up in a different and already forgotten Riga of the Soviet times. Just 10 years have passed but utterly everything has changed. The young people represent both the changes in this society and the city. Liga is studying to become a singer and is working in the Opera House. Romans is working as a butcher in the market. Aivars is studying in the Academy of Police. Karîna manages to combine the prestigious profession of the lawyer with her bohemian life. Each of them specifically characterises their generation and the city of Riga today.
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