A Village in Siberia
Documentary, 2000, Beta SP, DV, stereo, 50’
Vaira Strautniece
Kaspars Goba

Vaira Strautniece
Karls Bjorsmarks
Kaspars Goba
Niks Matvejevs
Anrijs Krenbergs
Viktors Andrejevs
Sandra Alksne
Andris Zemitis
Vaira Strautniece

Production Company
Jura Podnieka studija
Premiere 26.08.01.
More than a hundred years ago many Latvians moved to the vast areas of Siberia where they had the chance to work the land. Many of them stayed. The film shows the Bobrovka village in Omsk Region of today where Latvians still live. Despite the inevitable threats of assimilation, they desperately attempt to preserve the Latvian language and traditions.
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