Egg Lady
Documentary, 35 mm, color, 26 min., 2000

Una Celma
Production Company
Kaupo Filma
Lats Film (Sweden)
Swedish SVT
Guntis Trekteris
Janis Eglitis
Martins Brauns
Normunds Klavins, Normunds Deinats
Gunta Ikere
Una Celma
Aina - the Egg Lady of the title - breaks eggs up to 20 000 by hand all day for a Latvian bakery company.
To an outside observer, the job appears meaningless when most similar enterprises can afford to automate such tasks. But Aina says her work brings her fulfilment.
She says that spending all day breaking eggs "allows me to think a great deal about life." This is the theme of the film - how Aina thought her life would be, how it actually is, and how she has reconciled dreams and realities to be happy with things
as they are.
Participation in festivals
FIPATEL (France, Biarritz) 16. – 21.01.2001.
INPUT (Moscow, Russia) 10. - 16.12.2000.
IDFA (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) 22. - 30.11.2000.
6. - 10.11.2000.
TINKLAI (Lithuania) 2. - 15.10.2000.
NORDISCHE FILMTAGE Luebeck (Germany) 2. - 5.11.2000.
A prize for the best documentary
BALTIC – SWEDISH Film Festival (Burgsvik, Gotland) 6. - 10.09.2000.
BALTICUM FILM & TV festival (Bornholm, Denmark) 3. - 9.06.2000.
IFF ARSENALS (Riga, Latvia) 16. – 24.09.2000.
A prize for the best Baltic documentary
NATIONAL Film Festival
"Lielais Kristaps" (Riga, Latvia) 22. – 28.05.2000.
Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia
and Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia
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