A Film by Janis Ozolins - Ozols
Spanish Capriccio
“Latvia Today"
Documentary, 1999, Betacam SP, color, mono, 25'
Latvia - a small country in the Northern part of Europe, Spain - a big and sunny one. Is it possible to have a culture dialogue between these two geografically far away countries? It surely is. The impact of the Spanish culture in Latvia has seen to it that the unique talents of the dancer Marta Alberinga, the painter Dzemma Skulme and the flamenco guitar player Andris Karklins flourish to their perfection. The film proves that the interaction between the diverse European cultures and mentalities is possible and that it rather creates the sense of unity than that of aloofness.
Janis Ozolins - Ozols
Gvido Skulte
Sound designer
Assistant cameraman
Aivars Dobelmanis
Gunta Ikere
Andris Karklins
Executive producer
Kristians Luhaers
Production Company
Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia
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