1998, Gavriila documentary, 30 min., 35mm, Betacam SP, colour, stereo sound

This film is about a simple but at the same time unique person, peasant, dreamer, constructor, photographer - artist, old believer Gavriila Kovaljovs, that with his hands only, without any complex machinery, without any education and any means, from scrap metal and old engines has constructed tractor, windmills and... airplane. In spite of all powers, he has dedicated all his life to realize his dream - to take off the ground.
In the village he lives in and where his grandfather has lived, he is being referred to as somewhat special. That is because nobody understands why it is necessary for a simple peasant to build airplanes and to try to fly with them. Today people are smiling when talking about him, yet some time ago he was being repressed due to his wish to fly...

Romualds Pipars
Baiba Steina
Director of Photography
Sound Director
Production Company

Gilde Film Studio
Amatu iela 5, LV 1941, Riga, Latvia
Mobile: +371 29508441
e-mail: pipars@mailbox.riga.lv

Supported by

FINNLAB and Barrandov Studio a.s. film processing
AVID Media Composer 1000 editing
Training and Co-production centre (Latvia)
Pro Tools sound editing Gilde (Latvia)
In the film are used archive materials from Latvijas Valsts Kinofotofonodokumentu arhivs
Supported by National Film Center of Latvia
In co-production with VPRO-TV Holland
Co - production consultants from Baltic Media Centre (Denmark)
Tue Steen Muller, Lelda Ozola, Simon Drewsen Holmberg, John Marshall
Gilde film studio MCMXCVIII

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