Leeward Side
Color documentary film, 35 mm, 81 min., 1998
Andris Vanadzins
Director of Photography
Ivars Vigners
Sound Director
Gunars Racenajs
Viktors Licovs
Camera Assistant
Aivars Dambekalns
Uldis Dumpis
Editing Director
Maija Selecka
Narrative Editor
Ruta Frijare
Dzintra Krumina
Executive Producer
Leonids Berzins
Production Company

EDKS European Documentary Film Symposiums
mera iela 3, LV 1006, Riga, Latvia
Mobile: +371 29508442
homepage: www.latfilma.lv/symposium

The title of the film seems to promise its audience that they will be bathing in the sun.
And, indeed, Salacgriva, where the film has been made, is a heaven of peace and prosperity when compared to other towns of Latvia.
Here, two large canneries, "Brivais Vilnis" and "Salacgriva - 95", are operating and developing rapidly, there is no unemployment, the apartments have heating, the culture and sports facilities are active. The small fish - the sprat and the Baltic pilchard, are processed into millions of cans that provide subsistence for the whole region. The film, however, is not about the sea and the fish alone. It is about the people whose character strength, persistence, and stamina have made this affluent life possible. But firm characters are those weathered in strong wind. The eventless life of Salacgr?va is but an illusion. And the leeward side promised in the title of the film, can be deceitful...

Photo by
Aivars Dambekalns
Olegs Kotovics
Romualds Pipars

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