Clinton in Latvia
Latvia Chronicle No 13
B/W documentary film 1995
35 mm, 13 min.

Documentary Film

Karlis Streips
Romualds Pipars
Romualds Pipars
Romualds Pipars
Olegs Kotovics
Janis Eglitis

Uldis Jancis
Aivars Riekstins
Maija Selecka
Baiba Urbane
Production Company
RigaDocumentary Film Studio

Gilde Film Studio
Amatu iela 5, LV 1941, Riga, Latvia
Mobile: +371 29508441
Riga has dressed to its best. All of a sudden we see asphalt on the streets where not a long time ago it was not possible to drive. Excitement in the state institutions. On the roofs we see strange people with guns. There is an awkward fence around the monument to Freedom. In the dirty channel of the city of Riga we see underwater divers. Specially trained dogs sniff every corner of the city. What is a reason for this excitement? And then in the airport of Riga a huge airplane lands. An airplane that can carry only one person in the world i.e. the president of the United States William Jefferson Clinton. It was a remarkable event due to what world’s attention was turned towards a small country in the north somewhere between Russia and Sweden. How have we deserved such an honor? This film is not a chronicle of an official state visit but a completely unexpected and non-traditional view of this solemn event.
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