Date of birth: 1965
1992 - Latvian Academy of Music, Television Department

Dainis Klava
Dainis Kļava
director of photography

Work Experience:
since 1991 - Juris Podnieka Film Studio: director, DOP
since 1997 - Vides Filmu Studija: director, DOP
Documentary films

1992 - Gravitation (35mm)
1991 - Levitation (35mm)

Director and DOP:
2001 - Lubāns - Cīņa par centimetriem
1998 - Visas upes tek uz jūru (Awarded for Best camera work)
1997 - Lāču vīrs - Andrejs
1996 - Putnu vīrs
1992 - The Naivists (Lielais Kristaps Award for Best Latvian documentary)
Video art:
1990 - Homoa (Grand Prix at French Baltie Video art)
1991 - Le Ronde de Paris
1993 - The Scaffold

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