I went to the 6th High school of Riga. In 1969 I began to study at the Riga Politechnical Institute, Construction faculty. I did not finish my studies and started to work at the Latvian Television.
From 1972 I began to work at Riga Film Studio. In 1993 I entered the State Institute of Cinematography, Film Photography department from which I graduated in 1979.
Valdis Eglītis
Director of photography
Since 1982 - a member of the Latvian Filmmakers Union.
Member of
LGC - Latvian Guild of Cinematographers
E-mail: kino@lka.edu.lv

Working at Riga Film Studio I have made several dozens of newsreels, documentaries, educational and popular science films. Some of those films were awarded at the festivals of the former Soviet Union and later at those in the Republic of Latvia.
From 1985 I have been taking part in making feature films. Until 1993 when Riga Film Studio ceased to be active in film producing, as a director of photography I have made seven feature films, four of them serials
In recent times, due to the steadily decreasing film production, I am working more for the TV, taking part in the video film production and advertising.
In 1982 I joined the membership of the Filmmakers Union of Latvia.
I am one of the founders of the independent production company “KAUPO FILMA”
In 1993 together with a group of colleagues I participated at the foundation of the Guild of Film Photographers. I am one of the members of its Management Board.
In 1995 I was elected a President of the Filmmakers Union of Latvia.
Jailbirds ("Recidivisti" 30 min)
THE THINGS(35mm 17min)

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