He has graduated from the Latvia State Conservatoire, Drama Faculty, Theatre Direction Department in 1963. He started his work for Riga Film Studio the same year. His first film as a co-director was "Captain Enriko's Watch" in 1967, his first independent film as a director was 'Shoot Instead of Me' in 1970. The director himself played one of the leading parts (Arsenyy) there. Janis Steics has written also screenplays for several of his films. Especially successful both in the choice of actors and use of artists means have been films My Friend- Unserious Man, Theatre (after the novel by W.S. Maugham), Limousine in the Color of White Night, To Remember of Forget, The Strange Passions, Rendezvous on the Milky Way, Carmen Horrendum (The Song of Terror), The Child of Man.

Janis Streics
Jānis Streičs
Director, Scriptwriter

Member of the Filmmakers Union of Latvia since 1964

1999. Vecas pagastmajas misterijas
1991. The Child of Man (script & dir., 2690 m, 98 min)
1989. Car1991. The Child of Man (script & dir., 2690 m, 98 min)
1986.1989. Car1991. The Child of Man (script & dir., 2690 m, 98 min)
1983. The Strange Passions (script & dir., 2509
1981. To Remember or Forget (director, 2437 m, 88 min)
1981. Limousine In the Color of White Night (dir., 2365 m, 86 min)
1978. Theatre (script & dir. 3935)
1976. The Master (co-scr.,dir., 2187 m, 80 min)
1975. My Friend-Unserious Man (director, 2606 m,95 min)
1972. Valodzite (director, l804 m, 66 min)
1970. Shoot Instead of Me (director, 2092 m, 76 min)
1969. Boys from Livs Island (co-director, 2101 m, 77 min)
1961. Captain Enrico's Watch (co-director, 2164 m, 79 min)
Janis Streics is an artistically original film director. He has a natural ability to notice deeply dramatic as well as funny in people, their relations and the most different situations. However the comic and ironic features are always presented in a very good natured tonality. The director's smile is not bitterly evil or sarcastically destructive but rather poetic and light. The author's sensitive altitude towards people's cares and troubles, their weaknesses goes through all the films by Janis Streics and makes his art true, sincere and deeply democratic. All this opened a wide road for his films to the hearts of many audiences even in the totalitarian times.

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Photo by
Olegs Kotovics
Romualds Pipars

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