1983 - graduated from the Sound Producers` Refersher Courses in Moscow
1975 - Riga Secondary Evening School No. 14
Karlis Rudzitis
Kārlis Rudzītis
Independent film producer
sound director
Since 1990 - member of the Latvian Filmmakers Union
Member of the Latvian Film Producers` Association


Work experience:
1995 up till now - independent film producer
1992 - October 1995 - head of "Telefilma Riga"
1973-1992 - sound producer
since 1987 - assistant manager of the Production Department
1965-1973 - cameraman assistant
January 1961-1965 - illuminator in the Television of Latvia, "Telefilma - Riga"

As a cameraman assistant, worked at many TV documentary films. Cinematographer of two documentary and educational films, and many materials ordered by editors.
As a sound producer, has worked at 52 documentary, concert, video, short feature and educational films, as well as at many materials ordered by editors.
Assistant manager`s duties in the Production Department included responsibility for work in Sound Producer`s Section and for relations with exchange editors in the Moscow TV.
As the head of "Telefilma - Riga" was responsible for work planing, fulfilment of works, staff management, work records, relations with tehnical services of the Telecenter, etc.
2009 - Meža aicinājums
2009 - Dziedošais pagasts
2008 - Lūgšana krustā
2007 - Akmeņi debesīs
2006 - Bezcerība un cerība
2005 - Līvs ar otu. Andrejs Šulcs
2004 - Daudzveidībā vienoti
2003 - Likteņa izredzētā
2001 - Road to the Temple
2001 - Aspazija
2000 - Living in music. Leonids Vigners
1996 - To Concentrate Silence. Gidons Krēmers
1994 - Videovēstules no Gotlandes un Daugavas

Vicepresident of the Film Producers` Association of Latvia

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