1977-1979 - Higher Courses of Film Directors at
Moscow Film Institute (VGIK), the
workshop of Gleb Panfilov
1972- 1977 - University of Latvia, journalist
Arvîds Krievs
Film Director
Since 1978 - a member of the Filmmakers Union.

Professional experience:
1996-1999 - director of National Film Center of
1991-1996 - art director and documentary film director at production company Kaupo Filma
1979-1991 - feature film director at Riga Film Studio
1971-1979 - documentary film director at Riga FilmStudio
1964-1971 - technician, assistant cameraman, assistant director for documentaries
Born in Kuldiga, Latvia in 1944. Has been working at the Riga Film Studio since 1964 a long time in the documentaries as a gaffer, assistant cameraman, assistant director... Still having not got the certificate of a film director officially he began to make newsreels, documentaries and science films independently. Has written also screenplay for his film. Arvids has graduated from the Higher Courses of Film directors in Moscow in 1979 at a workshop of Gleb Panfilov. Arvid's graduation work “The Guilty” was praised for its good professional level. His first full - length feature “The Game” was an interesting visual attempt. His second feature film The Raspberry Wine already showed the director’s particular “Handwriting” in cinema. It was recognized as the best film of Riga Film Studio in 1984. Next film Picture Of A Woman With Wild Hog- the best film of Riga Film Studio in 1987. Eve’s Garden of Paradise again the best film in 1990.
In 1994 at the National Film Festival “Lielais Kristaps” three documentaries directed by Arvids Krievs “Time of the President”, “Master of the Land” and “The Baltic Way” were in the list of 10 best Latvian films from 1992-1993 recognized by viewers.
In 1991 after reorganization of Riga Film Studio Arvids Krievs founded a production company Kaupo Filma
Documentaries and science films:
  1. Crystal ‘71
  2. The Peace Day ‘71
  3. Presence ‘73
  4. Newlyweds ‘73
  5. Dowry Chest ‘74
  6. Wizard Skills and Medicine ‘75
  7. Road, Car and Driver ‘76
  8. Nature ‘76
  9. To the Sunny Distance ‘78
  10. Basi. There’s a Place in Kurzeme ‘87
  11. The time of the President ‘92
  12. The Master of the Land ‘93
  13. The Baltic Way ‘93
  14. Which Sledge to Choose ‘95

Feature films:
  1. The Guilty ‘79
  2. The Game ‘81
1973 - “Newlyweds”-the best short documentary of the year in Latvia
1976 - “Nature”-the best short documentary of the year in Latvia- the best science documentary of the year in USSR. The latest three feature films- The Raspberry Wine, Picture Of A Woman With Wild Hog and Eve’s Paradise Garden- were recognized as the best films in Latvia in the National Film Festival “Lielais Kristaps” in
Color 1984, 1987 and 1991
1986- feature film The Raspberry Wine- the viewers’ prize for the best adventure film of the year in the USSR
DocumentariesThe Time of the President, The Master of the Land and “The Baltic Way” were in the list of 10 best Latvian films from 1992- 1993 recognized by viewers.

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