1989, France Field-work at Tiger Productions and Thomson Video Equipment (Paris). Certificate of a professional video engineer and sound editor
1982, Latvia BA from Riga Polytechnic Institute, Faculty of Radiotechnology and Communications
Jânis Juhňçvičs
Co-founder and head of film production company "DEVINI" since 1991

Janis Juhnevics is one of the founders of production company "DEVINI" . J. Juhnevics has been active in film business since 1980ies as editor, sound designer, producers. He has worked on numerous documentary & fictions projects both locally and internationally. Now J. Juhnevics is a producer of several international co-production projects with Denmark, Iceland, France, Russia. His main priority is producing films which would have big potential of opening the European film market for the Latvian film industry.
Since 2001 Member of Filmmakers Union of Latvia
Since 1995 Member of Member of Latvian Association of Producers

Filmography (selection)
PRODUCER of documentary and fiction films:

2009 Mona (100 min, Dir. Inara Kolmane) fiction - in post-production
Co-production Latvia - Iceland

2009 Nude (26 min)

2006 My Husband Andrei Sakharov (52 min)
Co-production Latvia – France

2005 Vijaya (70 min, Dir. Inara Kolmane) documentary

2003 HELLO, RUSSIA ( 17 min, Dir. Ilze Vidauska) documentary

2003 THE HOUSE (20 min, Dir. Ilze Vidauska) documentary

2003 Going Into Darkness (54 min, Dir. Inara Kolmane) documentary

2001 POCO A POCO…(LITTLE BY LITTLE) - (20 min, 35 mm, Dir. Inara Kolmane) documentary

2001 FROSTY FLOWERS  (18 min, 35 mm, Dir. Inara Kolmane) fiction

EDITOR and SOUND DESIGNER of various films since 1989

2007 My Husband Andrei Sakharov – Best Documentary, National Filmmakers Award “Lielais Kristaps”, Latvia

2007 My Husband Andrei Sakharov – Box Office Winner, AKKA/LAA (Latvia’s Copyrighting Agency)

2007 My Husband Andrei Sakharov Special Jury Prize Parnu International Film Festival, Parnu, Estonia

2007 My Husband Andrei Sakharov – special jury prize “DETECTIVEFEST”, Moscow, Russia

2004 Going Into Darkness – Best film in the category ”The World without Drugs” at the International Festival of detective films ”LAW and SOCIETY”

2003 HELLO, RUSSIA – Best producer’s work in the selection “Russia – look from aside” at IV ITA International TV, Radio and Cinema festival “Together”

2002 POCO A POCO…(LITTLE BY LITTLE) – Best International Documentary in Arts at Wine Country Film Festival, California, USA

2001 STOP AIDS! – Best advertisement in the selection “Social hope” at the International Social Advertising Festival “WE”

2001 A WORLD APART – Riga Municipality Special Prize at the National Filmmakers Award "Lielais Kristaps"“Lielais Kristaps”, Latvia

1995 ASTRO DISHES – Grand Prix “Zolotoy Terem” at the International Advertisement Festival


2007 My Husband Andrei Sakharov – “Valladolid International Film Festival”, best documentary “Time of History”, Spain

2006 My Husband Andrei Sakharov – annual prize in culture by biggest Latvian magazine “Diena”

2004 A WORLD APART – Best Creative Documentary at FIPA

2001 FROSTY FLOWERS – Best Short Fiction at the National Filmmakers Award "Lielais Kristaps"

2001  A WORLD APART – Best Documentary Director at the National Filmmakers Award "Lielais Kristaps"


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