After finishing Dobele secondary school, studied Latvian language and literature at the University of Latvia (1955-1957). After graduating from the University worked as a reporter at the newspaper"Padomju Jaunatne" (Soviet Youth). His debut as a film director was in 1963 with the documentary short "The City Takes Wing" made at Latvian TV and the documentary "The Shore" accomplished the same year at Riga Film Studio.
He has made documentaries and newsreels at the film studio and TV - they are marked by their poetic perception of life, meaningful details, philosophical generalisations.
Director, script writer
His most significant feature length documentaries are "The Report of the Year", "The Frescos of Kuldiga", "A Catch", "Living in a Livonian Home"; short documentaries - "Words of Wisdom", "Father", "The Forest", "The Little Bird Flying Cut", "Janis Jaunsudrbins", "Still", "The Happening With M.Z.", "The Amber Latvian", "The Tales of Slitere Forest" and others.
In his full lenght feature "An Apple In The River" Aivars Freimanis has combined the expressive means and filming principles of documentary and feature film.
Aivars Freimanis is a director and co-author (the co-author of the script
was the poet Imants Ziedonis) of the film “The Laddy". It was made after
J.Jaunsudrabins "The White Book" which is popular and loved by the
people. The film was a big success and in 1978 was awarded at Erevan
Film Festival. A.Freimanis' film "Life" portrays scenes from the life of
the collector and systematizer of Latvian folk songs Krisjanis Barons.
Yet it is not a dry biographical film but rather unrestricted fantasy
about a historical character. In 1989 "life" was awarded the highest
prize of tke Latvian Filmmaker's Union at the National Film Festival "Lielais Kristaps" (The Big
Christopther). In 1995 Aivars Freimanis accomplished the black&white
feature film "The Nest"
Aivars Freimanis is a member of the Latvian Filmmaker's Union and the
Writer's Union, he has published two collections of stories: "Tales of
Sorento", "Shmerlwood Stories". In his book "The Year Of The Laddy"
which is about making his film "The Laddy") A.Freimanis has combined
fiction with discussion of film theory and practice.
1963 - l993 ' 23 short documentaries - director, scriptwriter

Feature length documentaries:

1965 The Report of the Year /Gada reportaza/ - director,1472m - 54min

1966 The Frescos of Kuldiga /Kuldigas freskas/ - director, co-author of the script, 1435m - 52min

1969 A Catch /Lomi/ director, co-author of the script, 1399m - 5lmin

1991 Living In A Livonian Home /Dzivoju libiesu majas/ director, script, 1924m - 70min

Feature films:

1974 An Apple In The River /Abols upe/ director, script 2226m - 81min

1977 The Laddy /Puika/ director, co-author of the script, 2549m - 93min

1989 Life (2 parts) /Dzivite (2 serijas)/ director, script 5056m - 185min

1995 The Nest /Ligzda/ director, script, 3806m - 139min - Home

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