1994-95 - Stockholm University, Film science.
Short biography:
For many years Carl Biorsmark has been active as a freelance journalist and photographer, designer.
1991 - lives in Latvia.
In 1995, founded Locomotive FILM & TELEVISION together with Roberts Vinovskis, and is working there since.

2003 - "Art-prize of the Year" for best regional and innovative achievement in Latvia.

Carl Biorsmark
film director, cameraman, scriptwriter, producer
Work experience:
2000-2003 - Chairman of the Board of "Culture & Information center K@2" in Karosta, Liepaja.
1996 -
Freelance journalist for magazine "Rigas Laiks"
1996 - Language and integration project commissioned by the Swedish Institute
1991 - filmstudio "Devini" (Riga) - director and scriptwriter
1983-1990 - Freelance journalist, photographer, author of photo exhibition "Rock i da" in Norrkoping, photo and video teacher in USA, organiser of cultural exchange between Soviet Union and Sweden, founder of "MediaFabriken" in Norrköping.
Documentary films:
1997 - "Checking out", (35mm, 29 min, director)
1997 -
"Woland is back", (video, 11 min, director/camera)
1996 - "Lenins carousel & golden cross over blue dreams" (director)
1996 - "Tussofka" (camera)
1996 - "The Island Where the Wind Was Born" (director, camera)
1996 - "The Beauty of Unseen", (video, 26 min, camera)
1993 - "Policeman's night in Vilnius" (director/camera)
1983-1990 - "The best I know" (director)
1983-1990 - "Ramsvik camping" (cameraman)
TV programs:
1997 - "Locomotive presents" (17 TV programs, producer/director)
1993 - TV-program about death penalty (director)
1993 - TV-program about prostitution (director)
1993 - TV-program "Smuggling on the polish border"
1992 - "The sky is never ending" (director)
Projects and exhibitions:
2001 - Photo exhibition/ installation "Too Far Too Cloose" in Riga Chamber of Commerce
2000 -
international filmmakers meeting "Transit Zero" in Vickleby, Sweden and Karosta, Liepaja. One of the organizers of cultural workshops for youth "The Summer of Zero" in Karosta, Liepaja.
1999-2001 - Multimedia project "Borderland" - documentary film, extensive website, CDs, photoexhibition.
1998 - 5 social commercials about integration commissioned by UNDP (producer, one of the directors)
1997 - Anthropological film expedition to Siberia (cameraman)
1996 - Photo-multivisual exhibition about Aran Islands, Ireland
1996 - Photo exhibition "Pictures and Sounds from India"
1996 - 5 social commercials (one of directors and writers)
1994-1995 - out-door theatre play "Crown or Keys?" (one of the 4 producers)
1993 - "This is not a work by me", videoinstallation in Arsenals, Riga
1992 - Tourist film about Riga (director)
1992 - Videoinstallation "Speaking is silver, keeping quiet is gold"

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