Bachelor’s degree in speciality of directors of festivals, and Master of Arts degree in speciality of producing. Currently studying in Academy of Arts in Riga for Master of Art degree in speciality of Art Science.
Work experience:
Director of festivals, director of video advertisements and cinema as well as practice in pedagogic work.
(former Stafecka - Lazdina)
Awards in festivals:
1993 Achieved GRAND PRIX in Baltic - France video art festival in Riga for the film
“Disturbances in the time counting “ and won the rights to make “Youneau de Voyage” in Paris.
1995 Special award of jury for “ Disturbances in the time counting “ in International video art festival “OSTRANENIE -95” Bauhausa - Desava.
Video productions:
1992 “Collection of my crazy friends”, S-VHS
1993 “Disturbances in the time counting”, BETACAM
1994 “Latvia” , BETACAM
1994 “Notes on the margins of the State borders” (Video documentation of art action “The State”), BETACAM
1995 “Ofelia’s dream”, travel notes about Paris, BETACAM
1994 “Fire painting”, BETACAM
Video advertisements:
1994-1995 Producer video advertisements for companies such as “Laima”, “Melita”, ”GRINDEX”, restaurant “Vinsents”, ”Latvijas Dizelis”, building materials shop
“Kipsala”, banks ”Olimpija”, ”Multibanka”, “Latvijas Krajbanka”, Media Fond of Latvia etc.
1996 “Werner’s Sufferings’, 16 mm, 10 min.
1997 “Blup” (Slurp”), 35 mm , 10 min.
1998 “Guard, Stalin and Planes, 35 mm , 10 min.

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