Languages: Latvian - mother tongue,
English - advanced (fluent in speaking, reading and writing), Russian - advanced (fluent in speaking, reading and writing), Swedish - lower intermediate
Academic and professional Qualifications:
Film lnstitute, Moscow 1973 - 1979: Awarded degree of Bachelor of Arts (with honours), Film Director.
Vija Beinerte, M.A.
Film director
1979, "Because of Crazy Pauline", feature, 30 min., 35 mm, colour, Director
1982, Forgotten Things, feature, 80 min., 35 mm, colour, Director
1988, The Force of Circumstances, feature, 90 min, 35 mm, colour, Director 

In 1996 the Latvian film experts evaluated the film Because of Crazy Pauline as one of The Latvia’s best 25 films ever.

Latvian Academy of Culture, Latvia
1994: Awarded degree of Master of Arts. MA thesis The Way and the Truth and the Life (Spiritual meaning of the Old and the New Testament)
1996 - present Member, National Film Board
1994 - present Member, Latvian Film Directors Guild
1989 - present Member, Latvian Film Makers Association

Vija Beinerte about herself:

When I was about 14, I felt the necessity to express my feelings in poetry or essays. I was not fond of studying philosophy, however. I was rather good at drawing and sculpting, but not good enough to consider entering the Academy of Arts. I was also interested in how different styles and genres of music matched different historic periods, but this interest could not be sufficient basis for studies at the Academy of Music. I could declaim poetry and prose in a simle and convincing manner but I did not think myself pretty enough to become an actress. My granddad wonted me to become an architect. I, on the other hand, felt like choosing journalism for a career, but was quite sure that that was not my true calling either.
And it came like a bolt of lightning that there was a profession where all my "half-talents" combined would be a basis for serious creative activity. More than that, this profession makes it possible to speak about things that cannot be expressed in words, colors and sounds alone. I decided to study film-making. Thus in 1973 I passed the preliminary tests and. exams and became a student of the faculty of Direction of Feature and TV films at the Moscow Institute of Cinematography from which I graduated in 1979.
This a wonderful thing -- to make films. A captivating game for grown-ups. There is one condition, though, everyone must accept the rules and act as allies who that understand each other at a syllable. It is believed that the paramount thing in a movie is the illusion of reality. I find attraction in fllms of a different kind. Those that do not pretend to be above the pley element, the illusory element, can still manage to arouse in viewers the sense of mental reality when they watch merely the play of shadows on the screen.
And yet, life as such bolds for me more meaning than life through art. There is nothing more important than the necessity to explore the meaning of being per se and never forget it. To remember always that the only true virtue is the one deeply rooted in the striving of the human spirit for self-perfection and for the ideal. And I do not know another way to perfection but love.

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