1969 - 1974 The Institute of Motion Picture Engineering, Leningrad,
Department of Sound technique.
Graduation work: "The Spatial Sound Field Analysis in the Stereophonic Broadcasting"

Languages: Latvian, Russian, English

Since 1982 - a member of the Filmmakers Union.

Production Experience Highlights: Sound director in documentaries, newsreels, fiction - more than 500 titles. 1975 – Present.

Post production since 1995 with DAW Pro Tools from Digidesign.

Aivars Riekstins
Aivars Riekstiņš
sound director


The list of selected films - sound track produced by Aivars Riekstins:
2018 History Behind the Screen
director Romualds Pipars, GILDE film studio
2013 Capitalism at Crossroad Street
director Ivars Seleckis
2005 Stand up, Teacher! directors Talivaldis Margevics, Romualds Pipars
2004 The Waterbomb for the fat Tomcat director Varis Brasla
2003 The Actor's Solo director Romualds Pipars
2003 For All My Life director Romualds Pipars
2002 Flashback director Herz Frank

2002 Primadonna on Rollerskates, director Ivars Seleckis
2001 LIBERTY LIVE, director Romualds Pipars
2001The Road to Sydney, director Talivaldis Margevics
2000 "Stork. The Sacred Bird", director Romualds Pipars
2000"Eastern Border of the Land", director Romualds Pipars
1999 "New Times at Crossroad Street", dir. Ivars Seleckis
1999"Jailbirds", dir Brigita Eglite
1999"Welcome Home!", dir. Biruta Veldre
1998 "Gavriila", director Romualds Pipars
1998"Elza and Arturs", dir. Andis Miziss
1999"Spanish Capriccio", dir. Janis Ozolins-Ozols
1998"Trivium", dir. Laima Zurgina
1997 "The Road", director Romualds Pipars
1998 THE THINGS, dir. Brigita Eglite
1998 "Playing with Stones", dir. Ansis Epners
1996 "Jazeps Rancans", director Romualds Pipars
1995 "The New Time", director Romualds Pipars
1995 "Trusting the Throne of Mercy", director Romualds Pipars
1994 "Punishment for a Dream", dir. Andris Rozenbergs
1993 This is Latvia, director Romualds Pipars
1990-1993 "Latvian Folk Costumes: Latgale, Zemgale, Kurzeme, Vidzeme", dir. Brigita Eglite
1992 99 Meters from Rome to Forum, director Romualds Pipars
1991 "Latvia de jure and de…", dir. Juris Cirulis
"The Song of Fate", dir. Leo Rage
1990 The Sun City, director Romualds Pipars
1990 "I am Latvian", dir. Ansis Epners
The "Lielais Kristaps" Award (Latvia) -1991
1988 "The Field of Hopes", dir. Andris Slapins
1987 "Goodwill Games", dir. Ansis Epners
1982 "The Constellation of Riflemen" Under the sign of Sagittarius, dir. Juris Podnieks "Lielais Kristaps" Award (Latvia) -1982
1977 "The Travel to the Earth", dir. Uldis Brauns

1975-1996 as Sound director for different newsreels

Since 1975 - a sound director at the Riga Motion Pictures Studio, working with the following directors: Mihails Sneiderovs, Irina Mass, Vadims Mass, Laimonis Gaigals, Uldis Brauns, Aivars Freimanis, Arnis Akmenlauks, Herz Frank, Ansis Epners , Ivars Kraulitis, Juris Podnieks, Romualds Pipars, Ivars Seleckis, Andris Slapins, Sergejs Nikolajevs, Andris Rozenbergs, Leo Rage, Imants Brils, Anatolijs Pjatkins, Juris, Cirulis, Ludmila Ikere, Biruta Veldre, Brigita Eglite, Laima Zurgina, Ruta Celma, Talivaldis Margevics, Andis Miziss

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