Production Company Dauka
The Unusual Rigans
Animation, 2001, Beta SP, stereo, 26’, Premiere 19.08.01.
The main character — Justin, the Chicken, longs to become a Golden Rooster, the guard of Riga. You will see Riga as a dream world, full of mystery and strange creatures who live along with people and face their own strange needs, not very different from those of humans.

Roze Stiebra

Ilze Skrastina
Roze Stiebra
Juris Petraskevics
Ilze Vitolina
Maija Brence
Dace Liepa
Valts Puce
Nils Skapans
Normunds Klavenieks
Roze Stiebra
Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia
and Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia
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