Production Company Dauka
Like a Dream
Animation, 2000, color, 4', Betacam SP
The film is dedicated to my father Arnolds Linins - director, actor and teacher of theater art. A little girl together with her brave dog discovers the secrets of the world around them. Several surprising and unforeseen events permit them to forget who they are in reality and feel as if in a dream. A tiny Bathing Hut emerges in front of the little girl’s eyes. A hut around which, under which, above which, so many unusual, unexplainable, unfathomable, threatening and disturbing, beautiful and alluring events occur. But the main thing is that the little girl manages to catch a glimpse of a place where the Weights of Destiny are tilled for all living beings. The little Bathing Hut is a place where everything begins and everything ends...

Mara Linina
Mara Linina
Ilze Vitolina
Edmunds Jansons
Arturs Maskats
Roze Stiebra
Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia
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