Production Company Dauka
Time For Angels
Animation, 1999, Betacam SP, color, mono, 1'40"
Mankind is living too irresponsibly in our time as if relying on
some magical, omnipotent, higher power that will come to the rescue in every grave situation. But it is hardly likely that things might happen this way if we deliberately go on destroying life which surrounds us. Maybe the highest power will save nature alone while man will no longer be able to exist.
By destroying nature he will have destroyed himself. If so, why should he be saved?
Diploma for the best animation at the UNICA IFF in Finland.
Diploma at the Baltijos saliu megejisku IFF in Lithuania

Mara Linina
Mara Linina
Ieva Jurjane
Edmunds Jansons
Juris Karlsons
Edmunds Jansons
Ansis Berzins
Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia
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