Production Company Animacijas Brigade
Bird Days
Puppet Animation, 1999, 35mm, color, mono, 6'34"
One morning the Tiger Kalamazoo, together with his friend Koncell, find a very unhappy baby bird. It seems that the baby bird has fallen out of his nest. The Tiger immediately decides to help the unlucky little bird find his parents. This turns out to be a difficult task, for whichever bird couple the Tiger shows the little one to, none of them recognise it as their own.
Silver Goat award for the best short animation at Ale Kino IFF in Poznan, Poland.

Nils Skapans
Maris Putnins
Art Director
Maris Putnins
Evalds Lacis
Maris Putnins
Nils Skapans
Anrijs Krenbergs
Maris Putnins
Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia
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