"Animacijas Brigade" ("AB") is a puppet animation studio, producing puppet films, puppet film series, puppet animation feature films and commercials.

The Studio was founded in 1966 by the puppet film and theatre director Arnolds Burovs and since then the Studio has produced about 140 puppet films, made by different directors.
The film scripts are mostly original, some are based on good Latvian or foreign literature, or comic strips.

In the 90s the Studio "AB" started to produce comic puppet film series for small children ("Munk and Lemmy", “Animals”), for teenagers and for all age audience ("Rescue Team", “Grimm and Andersen with a twist”). Perhaps the most peculiar features of the series are the funny characters inspired and made by the artists of the Studio, the good scripts and timing.

On 1997 studio “AB” in co-production with Danish company ZENTROPA made a 20 minutes long film for little children “The Little Knight”.

On 1998 studio “AB” together with Danish company ZENTROPA founded a joint venture “
ABOOM” Ltd. and in co-production with Denmark made a puppet animation feature film “Prop and Berta”.

The Studio means a group of professionals, sixteen in number right now, three filming pavilions working parallel. The Studio produces a 5-minute puppet film/commercial in approximately 2 months.
The films are made on 35-mm film or on BETACAM SP.

The Studio has a FILM PUPPET MUSEUM with an everyday film program for children, various activities for families during weekends, and an exhibition of puppets, settings and different objects that have once been filmed in puppet films.


Films, produced by the Film Studio "ANIMACIJAS BRIGADE", participate in different International Film Festivals, 15 - 20 during a year, and have recently won high and prestigious prizes, as "The Glass Bear" of The Berlin International Film Festival (the main prize of the Children Film Festival Jury) in 1995 for the film "Munk and Lemmy. Let' s Fly?!" directed by Nils Skapans, and two prizes (for the same film) in Paris International Short Film Festival in 1995. In 1996 films produced in Film studio “ AB “ have won the main Prize at CINEMAGIC 96 - International Film Festival of Lleida (Catalonia, Spain)
In 1997 the film “The Glue “ from THE RESCUE TEAM series won the prize THE BEST CHILDREN FILM in Rio de Janeiro festival ANIMA MUNDI ‘97

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Contact person - Maris Putnins
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