The Republic of Latvia is the 19th biggest European country covering 64635 km2. There are 2,5 million inhabitants. Latvia was establishes in the year of 1918. And in 1940 due to the criminal so called "Molotovís Ribentropís" agreement the communistic Russia that at this time was called the Soviet Union, invaded Latvia. At the same time Latvia disappeared from the European map. Only in 1991 as the communist empire was collapsed, Latvia regained its independence and the Republic of Latvia was re establishes. Latvians call this process "the second awakening". Two Latvian filmmakers, film director and cameraman Andris Slapins and cameraman Gvido Zvaigzne lost their lives in the fight for independence. Owing to the film materials made by film director and cameraman Juris Podnieks and Aleksands Demcenko, the world got to know the dual politics of Michael Gorbachev. The information provided by those two persons eliminated the further streams of blood in the Baltic region. The above mentioned and many other persons belong to the famous Latvian documentary filmmakers school. And the very beginning of cinema in Latvia are bound with the name of famous inhabitant of Riga Sergejs Eizenshteins who is director of film "Brunukugis Potjomkins" ("Battle ship Potjomkins") and Eduards Tisse, the cameraman of this film. The film critics considers the film "Battle ship Potjomkins" on of the ten best films in all the times and all the nations.
At present there are several tens of
film studios in Latvia. Filmmakers that have gained high approval in many international film festivals, film directors, cameramen, designers, composers and actors are shooting films and video films. Script writers and film producers are offering a number of effective film projects. Latvian filmmakers and more than 25 production companies are open cooperation. designe by...
Latvia and Latvian Cinema
Total population 2005:
2 306 600
Population of capital city Riga:
735 241
Number of households 2004:
896 916
parliamentary democracy
LVL (Lats)
1 USD=0,555LVL 1 EUR=0,7028 LVL
Gross Domestic Product / GDP 2003
9 163 174 000 EUR
GDP per capita 2003:
3 941 EUR
Standard VAT rate:
21 %
VAT for cinema tickets:
Personal income tax rate:
Inflation Rate
Average monthly income:
278 EUR
Gross Box Office 2004:
4 840 660
Number of admissions 2004:
1 642 438
Admissions per capita:
Annual state support for film industry 2005:
LVL 1 668 000 (EUR 2 417 676)
Number of screens 2004:
Number of screening places 2004:
50 - s‚kumlapa
Filmu veidot‚ji