15th European Documentary Film Symposiums
Film d'Auteur.
European Documentary Film Symposium. 25 years
Tadeusz Palka Poland
Dramaturgy of Documentaries

Dear friends, I donít want to say a lecture because Iím a professor in film school and I had enough lectures. Iíll try to share with you some opinions and reflections from this meeting, which is one of the most important in my professional life. And also like Vitaly said, it is very important to have a place to meet friends and talk about films, openly and less openly with good friends. Anyhow, I want to tell you about my impression on this seminar. The most important moment for me was the moment when I watched the screen and this moment rose among the question to the girl and the tear which goes down on the face in the Toffik film. And this was coming from the documentary to everybody from us and from viewers: is emotion, reflection and a storm of feelings in this very moment when we watched the documentary. So, I mean about the authorís of the documentary. It is the most important in my meaning because it isnít totally truth as Abrams Kletzkins says that in the 60ís we do the same from one side of curtain in west and east. Because Abrams, as you remember I donít know how it was in the Soviet Union, but in Poland we belonged to the propaganda division in the communistic party. Oh, it was the same. So, we tried to be authors and we tried to say something from our side. And we were the wrong society of the filmmakers, but divided into two parts: those people who earned money and make the propaganda and some minority which makes documentary films. And it was everywhere in the eastern countries. So, now the situation has completely changed, because the over-interpretation made by TV channels and TV programs is feeling to keep it and to understand what is going to do what. Two years ago when we ate lunch in a restaurant exploded two Towers in New York. And in this very moment stopped that SBS just interpret what was happening, but they tried to say what is going on and they tried to understand what is going on. So, this beautiful moment in the news channels of the television when they give us the picture and no comments that you can follow the reality by TV. And it is not so easy with documentary programs, or semi-documentaries, like the Discovery, Planet Cable, also partly HBO. They are documentary programs but they are rather commercial and now Planet Cable unfortunately goes to the propaganda of the baseball, for example, or how two plains crushes, not to the normal life and not to the everyday life. And I think this new era is coming. I mean the European community and European Union. I think that itís absolutely necessary to create the informative channel, documentary channel which can show the past, future and reality. Because our past, like the past of old republicsí past, the Polish past, is unknown for the French people, for Denmark, Sweden and the rest. Only those people who visit international festivals know. So, this information was limited and is limited. And when it will be created something in common, that itís possible to create a real good documentary. I think with such talent like the XXX shooting, and especially in his films like ďHappinessĒ and ďBread DayĒ. Itís not like this film from Chechoslovakia ďNonstopĒ when you show the stream of reality and nothing is going from this stream, because itís like DVD camera and no reflections going out. You must try to find something. And in my opinion we must try parallelism internet that internet has a block. In the block people are coming to the internet and they are giving their life stories. And they like to let other people know how they live, who they are, what their life is. And I think this everyday life and personal life of every human is very important to another human. From the people from Norway to the people in Poland, from the people in Denmark to the people in Russia. And it is a pity that we canít exchange the point of view about the possibility of documentaries in such situations like this. Maybe such documentary channel, if it was created, would be very important. And maybe we come back also in this channel to the era of XXXX XXXX XXXX, when a human was shown with a very big attention, when the picture has its value, not like now. If you have a story to tell and the picture is not so important, itís not obligatory to create a picture story like in this non-stop film. When you have nothing to say the camera is going down to something on the left or right. I dream about the opportunity to come back to times when we should participate, maybe in a future, in a creation of a new documentary life. Because except for the Discovery, Planet Cable and so, in the TV channels like American NBC or in Great Britain this documentary programs like 40ís, 60ís exist quite well. And I know in Russia, now in Poland, they keep eyes wide open on it. But itís so small, it also is manipulated or programmed. And here the only two editors like Vitaly and me, I am the former editor, and I know that this way of programming it was fight with the chief of the stuff in television. It should come in time much freely and easier. But I think that nobody can do it, the only way to try it is together, maybe we can unify by the internet or another way. And we try to press these older European bodies to create it. So, thank you, maybe I should come to some reflections in the round table, thank you very much.

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